Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the following questions and answers will make your journey through our Web store a bit less daunting. If we have left anything out, feel free to let us know!

Will consumers be able to view and purchase from this site?
Unfortunately, consumers are not able to view or purchase items from Dodge’s Web store at this time. Our Web store is only open to funeral directors, embalmers, medical examiners, coroners, and mortuary schools and their students. Consumers can make purchases for consumer-oriented good such as Velvatone, Forest Fresh, QuikSan, etc. by calling our Customer Service Department at 800-443-6343.

Does having the Web store mean that you are eliminating your phone-in customer service capability?
Absolutely not. Everyone at Dodge realizes that your time is valuable. We believe that providing our customers an additional opportunity to purchase at times convenient to them is an added benefit. You may still call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-443-6343 or your Dodge representative if you prefer.

How do I set up a Web store account?
In order to set up a Web store account and order through the Web store, you must have an established Dodge account or be a student associated with an accredited mortuary school. For first time users, please click here to complete our online Web store registration form or contact your Dodge Sales Representative to set up your Web store account.

Can all Dodge customers order from this site?
Existing Dodge U.S. “trade” customers can order from this site. Schools, Service Corporation International (SCI) customers, and Dodge employees cannot currently place orders on the site, though they can browse technical and basic product information.

What if I don’t have an established Dodge account?
You can call Customer Service (1-800-443-6343) and they can set up an account for you. You will have to provide a copy of your funeral director's, embalmer's, or medical examiner's license in order to purchase. Students can be set up as contacts associated to a school or funeral home. The contact designation will allow students to browse our web store; however, they will not be able to view prices or purchase.

How soon will my Web store registration request be approved?
Web store requests that are processed by your sales representative will be approved immediately. Registrations submitted via our online form will take up to 1 business day for full access including online ordering (if applicable). Limited access will allow you to view all the technical resources you are used to seeing through our previous website while waiting for your account to be verified for online ordering.

Why can’t I get full access to the web store right away?
Due to the nature of Dodge’s business, as well as the ability to charge Web store orders on open account and through credit cards on file, Web store registrants must receive final approval from their Dodge sales rep before being authorized to order online.

Can more than one user order on behalf of our firm?
Customers with Administrator access to the web store can create additional users for their account without going through their Dodge rep or Customer Service by going to “My Profile > Users > Add a User”.

What types of user access are available?
There are three types of user access available to Dodge Web Store Registrants:

Administrator - Has full access to the Web Store and online ordering, and can add additional users to the account.

Power user – Has the same access as the Administrator but cannot add additional users.

Guest-No Prices – Can browse all technical information and Dodge products, but cannot see prices or place online orders. This access is generally assigned to students, general funeral home employees, SCI customers and Dodge International customers.

How do I log-in?
If you have already set up a Web store account, go to and enter your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, there is a link to retrieve it.

What information can I view after logging in to the Web store?
Depending on your access, our Web store allows access to online ordering, The Dodge Magazine, technical resources, catalogs, price lists, and periodic special offerings.

Will I be able to review my Dodge account transactions from this site?
There is a "My Account” page that will allow you to view and track your orders, check invoices, and search past activity.

Will my Dodge Representative receive commissions when I order online?
Dodge Sales Representatives have always been a very valuable resource for our customers and will continue to be. Regardless of how an order is placed or received, you can be assured that your rep will receive the appropriate commission.

What should I do if I need overnight or second day delivery service?
If priority service (i.e. Next Day, 2nd Day) is needed, please place your order with our Customer Service Department to ensure that your order gets processed and shipped immediately.

What if my order requires personalization? Can this order be placed through the Web store?
Personalized orders may be placed through the Web store unless they require priority service. Please continue to place priority orders through our Customer Service Department or your Dodge Sales Representative.

Will I be able to order items that are shipped direct from another manufacturer?
Yes, all items in our store that will be shipped from an outside source will be designated with the label "Direct Delivery." Please take note that they will arrive in separate packaging and not at the same time as the rest of your order. This is because the item(s) will ship directly from the manufacturer. These items will be invoiced separately, and our freight discount will not apply.

Will the freight company leave my order if there’s no one there to receive it?
No. Someone must be available to inspect for damage and sign for receipt of the order.

Is it possible to obtain a quote prior to ordering?
Quotes are a great way to avoid making an error in ordering. You may contact our Customer Service Department or your Dodge Sales Representative to obtain a quote.

How will I know that orders I have placed through the web store have been received and processed?
Upon placing the order, you will receive an email confirmation. You will then be able to see the status of your order in the “My Account” page of the web store.

How can I cancel or change a web store order?
The web store ordering system is automated so should you find it necessary to change or cancel any order, please call our Customer Service Department.

How should I order replacement parts for items such as cots?
Many times replacement parts are treated as special orders as they are specific to certain models, colors, or uses. Please continue to place these orders through our Customer Service Department or your Dodge Sales Representative.

What should I do if I have to return an item(s)?
All returns require authorization and Dodge is happy to coordinate that for you with the appropriate package delivery or transportation company. Contact our Customer Service Department for assistance. Should you have other questions, you can find more information in our return policy.

When will my order ship and how long will it take for delivery?
Orders for items that are in stock that are placed by noon (Monday through Friday), are usually processed and shipped that same day. Depending on your location, ground shipments are generally delivered within 3-5 business days. Items that are sent directly from the manufacturer or another vendor typically take longer.

Are there shipping restrictions on chemical orders?
Recent changes in shipping regulations now allow all but a few of our chemicals to be shipped in “Small Quantities” without hazmat fees. We will always do our best to ship your orders in the most economical way.

Can I have my order shipped to a Post Office Box?
Unfortunately, Dodge does not ship to post office boxes. This allows for better management of our policy of selling only to funeral service professionals.

Why doesn't my order show a shipping total?
Due to the chemical nature of our products we are unable to provide shipping at the time the order is placed. We will ship your order in the most cost effective way possible. If you require an estimated shipping cost prior to shipping please indicate "need shipping cost" in the shipping instructions. We will email you the estimated cost by the end of the next business day. Remember that "Direct Delivery" items will be shipped separately.

What are your payment terms?
Our terms are 1%/15, net 30 days. As long as you pay your bill within 15 days of the invoice date, you can take an additional 1% discount off of the total merchandise price. This does not include tax and freight. Please note that this 1% discount does not apply to Credit Card or Check-by-Phone payments.

What payment methods are available when I order through the web store?
All Dodge customers whose accounts are in good standing may charge their purchase to their account. If you are a "credit card on file" account we will charge your orders to your credit card as usual.

How do I become a credit card on file customer?
“Credit card on file” customers sign up to have all their purchases (Web store or phone-in orders) charged to an approved credit card. Credit card on file customers are not entitled to term discounts on their orders, but do receive any eligible freight discount. If you wish to sign up to be a credit card on file customer with Dodge, please fill out the credit card on file form. Fill out and return the form via our secure fax number, which is on the bottom of the form.

How do I find my account balance?
Orders and invoices can be retrieved in the “My Account” page of the Web store. You must contact our Customer Service Department for your account balance.

Do I have to pay finance charges?
The only time that a customer would pay finance charges is when an invoice is over 30 days old. Invoices that are past due, are subject to 1.5% interest charges per month and will no longer be eligible to receive discounts on terms or freight.

What discounts are available on products purchased from Dodge?
Our Cumulative Purchase Plan is available on eligible chemicals. As chemical purchases increase, so does your discount. Your Dodge sales representative can explain the benefits of this program. In addition, some of our products have price breaks at certain quantity levels.

What discounts are available on shipping from Dodge?
You will receive a 25% discount on freight costs for orders of eligible product valued at $200.00-$399.99. The freight discount increases to 50% when your order of eligible products totals $400.00 or more. Your account must be paid within terms to take advantage of this discount. Eligible products include all 24 bottle cases of chemicals, all 6 bottle cases of chemicals, all stocked urns & sharing urns, and other miscellaneous items. Please see the freight policy for complete details. Freight for direct delivery items is not included in this policy.